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For other uses, see Bollo (disambiguation).
Bollo de yuca.jpg
Yuca bollo
Type Bread
Main ingredients Yuca or corn or potatoes
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Bollo is a bun made from corn, yuca or potato. Variations are eaten in Spanish, Colombian and Panamanian cuisine. Corn and yuca bollos are an indigenous food of the Caribbean coast of Colombia and Panama, where they are boiled in leaves.[1] This preparation is similar to the humita of the Andes, the hallaquita of Venezuela and the pamonha of Brazil. In Cuba, black-eyed pea bollos, similar to hushpuppies, are eaten.[2]

In Colombia, Bollos are sold by street vendors along the Colombian coast, as well as in stores and supermarkets. Primarily at breakfast they are an accompaniement served with cheese.

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