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Boscorale 2011.jpg
The Boscorale at the Philam Life Auditorium
Background information
Also known as DBTI Boscorale, The Boscorale, BC
Origin Philippines Don Bosco Technical Institute, Makati, Makati City, Philippines 14°33′1.34″N 121°0′50.69″E / 14.5503722°N 121.0140806°E / 14.5503722; 121.0140806Coordinates: 14°33′1.34″N 121°0′50.69″E / 14.5503722°N 121.0140806°E / 14.5503722; 121.0140806
Genres Choral music, TTBB a cappella
Years active 2005, 2007–present
Website [1]

Herman Coloma
(conductor, 2005)

Frederick Estrada
(conductor, 2006-2007)

Alvin B. Paulin
(conductor, 2007-present)

Boscorale is one of the all-male High School choirs in the Philippines. It is the resident choir of Don Bosco Technical Institute, Makati. Under the current supervision of Mr. Alvin B. Paulin, a Subject area head of MAPEH at Don Bosco Makati and an active member of the Philippine Normal University(PNU) Chorale. From then on, the group started to make a name in the chorale scene. Over the years and months, Boscorale has entered a diversity of competitions and Has entered international competitions, thus considering Boscorale as one of the best choirs in the metro since joining and winning various prestige competitions since their debut in 2005.

Etymology and history[edit]

The word "Boscorale" simply rooted from the words, "Bosco" (St. John Bosco) and "chorale," merged to form the word Boscorale, meaning a choir of St. John Bosco. This was coined by William Gajelonia, Jr., the Music Club President in 2005.

The Boscorale was first founded in 2005 under the supervision of Mr. Herman Coloma. It was composed of different high school students grouped into four different voices: Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass 1 and Bass 2. Their first performance outside the campus was held in Louie's THX Cinema, Mile Long, Amorsolo St., Makati City.

By 2007, the choir faced into major changes, including the revision of the members and the conductor, which led to Mr. Alvin Paulin's entrance in Boscorale's history. At that time, "Sir Alvin" is a newly hired professor in the campus to teach Music courses.

The choir received its first achievement as first runner-up in the 2007 Yoshinoya's Chorale Competition at SM Megamall. They got their first championship title in the Inter-Don Bosco Cultural Competition in 2009.


Mr Alvin B. Paulin is a graduate of the Philippine Normal University, a member of the PNU Chorale and is the subject area head of the MAPEH area in Don Bosco Makati.

During the group's first international tour in Singapore in the competition Orientale Concentus VII, he was awarded as the Best Young Conductor

In 2015, he was a recipient of the 7th Ani ng Dangal.



Boscorale's Trophies of Achievements

Winning tabulation[edit]

Award/Placement Titles Winning Years
  • Grand Champion and Gold Awards
2009, 2010, 2011(3), 2012(2), 2013(4), 2014(4), 2015(8), 2016(4), 2017(2)
  • 1st Runner Up
2007, 2009, 2010, 2011(2), 2012(2), 2014
  • 2nd Runner Up
2010, 2011(2), 2012
*Others/Minor/Special Awards
2005, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014(2), 2015, 2016
2007-to date

Enlightened and moved by the spirit of St. John Bosco, the Boscorale aims to be in melody and harmony with the Lord Almighty, for they believe that "a school without music is like a body without a soul." -St. John Bosco


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