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A box is a container or package, often rectangular or cuboid.

Box or boxes may also refer to:




In arts and entertainment[edit]

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Other uses in arts and entertainment[edit]

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In mathematics, science, and technology[edit]

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In computing[edit]

  • "<>", the "box" syntactic element used by the Ada programming language as a placeholder for something not (yet) fully specified
  • GNOME Boxes, a virtualization application for the GNOME desktop environment

In mathematics[edit]

In technology[edit]

  • Box (torture), a method of solitary confinement
  • Boombox, a portable stereo music system
  • Coach box, a seat for driver of a carriage
  • Combat box, a World War II bomber formation
  • Phreaking boxes, devices used to manipulate telephone systems; they are named after colors, for example, the blue box
  • Torsion box, a beam constructed of two skins applied to a core material
  • Box, a subtype of the Hi-Riser automobile

Other uses[edit]

  • Box, slang for vagina
  • MI5, the British Security Service, sometimes called "Box 500" or "Box"
  • Box-room, a small room in a house

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