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The Brückepreis (Bridge prize) is an international prize given annually to a person who contributed by a life's work to better understanding between peoples (Völkerverständigung, Cultural diplomacy) in Europe. It is awarded annually, beginning in 1993, by the town of Görlitz/Zgorzelec. The Europastadt [de] (Town of Europe) lies in both Germany and Poland, connected by a bridge across the Neisse river, and not far from the Czech Republic. The bridge appears in the prize name also for building bridges among peoples and states, as Norbert Lammert, the president of the Bundestag, expressed in his laudatio for Arvo Pärt in 2007.[1] The official name is Internationaler Brückepreis der Europastadt Görlitz/Zgorzelec. The prize money is €2,500. The prize is managed by an association, Gesellschaft zur Verleihung des Internationalen Brückepreises der Europastadt Görlitz/Zgorzelec.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med) & Hamas called on the Brückepreis Prize to withdraw the 2020 prize awarded to former Israeli official Tzipi Livni who’s accused of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the blockaded Gaza Strip during Operation Case Lead 2008/9 when she was Israel’s Foreign Minister.[2][3]



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