Brand New (Shinhwa album)

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Brand New
Shinhwa-Brand New.jpg
Brand New cover
Studio album by Shinhwa
Released 27 August 2004 (2004-08-27) (KOR)
8 December 2004 (2004-12-08) (JPN)
Recorded 2004
Genre K-pop, Dance
Language Korean
Label Good Entertainment
Avex Marketing[1]
Shinhwa chronology
Winter Story
Brand New
Winter Story 2004-2005
Singles from Brand New
  1. "Brand New"
  2. "Angel"
  3. "Crazy"
  4. "Oh!"

Brand New is the seventh studio album of South Korean boy band Shinhwa. It was released on 27 August 2004 by Good Entertainment. It is their first album since leaving SM Entertainment and signing with Good Entertainment. The four lead tracks are "Brand New", "Angel", "Crazy" and "Oh".

Music and reception[edit]

The members of Shinhwa began taking charge as lyricist in the release of the album. Eric wrote some rap lyrics for some of the songs while Minwoo took charge and began writing full lyrics. Some songs that he wrote are: "All of My", "Oh" and "U". He later went on to write the song "Superstar" for the group Jewelry, which became a hit.

Debuted at #3, "Brand New" made its way to #2 and then dropped to #11. However, it made a large jump from #11 to #1, with a large jump in sales from 168,654 copies to 320,337 copies.

The lead track "Brand New", was composed by Cho Young-soo, won the Triple Crown, i.e. first place for three consecutive weeks, on's live music programme M! Countdown, from 26 August to 9 September 2004.[2]


Information is adapted from the liner notes of Brand New:[3]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Shooting Star" Brian Kim, Eric Mun B. Kim B. Kim 4:01
2. "U" Lee Min-woo, E. Mun M.A.R.S. M.A.R.S. 3:24
3. "Brand New" An Young-min, E. Mun Park Geun-tae, Jo Young-soo Park Joon-ho 3:46
4. "Fever (Crazy)" (Korean: 열병 (Crazy)) Y.M. An, E. Mun Y.S. Jo Y.S. Jo 4:09
5. "Oh!" M.W. Lee, Shin Hye-sung, E. Mun M.W. Lee M.W. Lee 4:11
6. "Angel" Y.M. An, E. Mun Park Geun-tae, Y.S. Jo, Lee Hyeon-seung Y.S. Jo, H.S. Lee 3:57
7. "All of My..." B. Kim, M.W. Lee, E. Mun M.W. Lee M.W. Lee 3:50
8. "Time Machine" E. Mun Park Geun-tae Y.S. Jo 4:05
9. "My Everything Part II" (Korean: 나의 전부 Part II) E. Mun E. Mun E. Mun 3:59
10. "Set Free" (Korean: 놓아요) Kim Dong-wan D.W. Kim D.W. Kim 4:07
11. "Liar" E. Mun E. Mun E. Mun 4:00
12. "Cheers!" (Korean: 위하여) Psy, E. Mun Psy Psy 3:02
13. "I Want" (Korean: 원해) Lee Sang-in, E. Mun S.I. Lee S.I. Lee 2:56
14. "2gether 4ever" Yoon Ji-woong, E. Mun J.W. Yoon J.W. Yoon 4:00

Chart performance[edit]

Chart Peak
Korea Monthly Albums (RIAK) November 2004[4] 1
  • KOR: 325,333[5]
Korea Yearly Albums (RIAK) 2004[6] 5

Release history[edit]

Country Date Distributing label Format
South Korea 27 August 2004 Good EMG, IO Music CD (EKLD-0444)[7]
4 November 2004 Special Edition (CD+DVD) (EKLD-0492)[8]
Japan 8 December 2004 Avex Trax CD (AVCD-18067/B)[9]


Information is adapted from the liner notes of Brand New:[3]

  • Park Geun-tae - producer
  • Shinhwa - producer
  • Kim Young-seong - recording engineer, mixing engineer
  • Yoon Won-kwon - recording engineer
  • Song Kyeong-jo - recording engineer
  • Kang Hae-gu - recording engineer
  • Jeong Doo-seok - recording engineer
  • Ha Jeong-soo - recording engineer
  • Ko Seung-wook - mixing engineer
  • Park Hyeok - mixing engineer
  • Jo Kyu-beom - mixing engineer
  • Sam Lee - guitar
  • Tommy Lee - guitar
  • Hong Joon-ho - guitar
  • Ko Tae-young - guitar
  • Lee Tae-yoon - bass
  • Im Seung-beom - keyboard
  • The String - strings


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