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Logo melon142x99.png
Type of site
Available in Korean
Owner LOEN Entertainment, Inc.
(A subsidiary of Kakao Corp.)
Slogan(s) Music in every moment, Melon
(음악이 필요한 순간, 멜론)
Alexa rank As of January 2017
Decrease4,335 (Global)
Decrease124 (South Korea)[1]
Commercial Yes
Registration required, for South Koreans only[2]
Users 2.3 million (in South Korea alone, as of November 2013)
Launched November 2004 (2004-11)

Melon (Hangul멜론; RRMellon) is a South Korean online music store.

History and information[edit]

Introduced in November 2004, Melon was developed by SK Telecom. In 2009, LOEN Entertainment (owned by SKT by the time being, now owned by Kakao) became the company-in-charge of Melon.

Melon allows users to download or stream music over the internet, such as on mobile phones. The music can be played on mobile phones, digital audio players, portable media players and digital cameras. Users can also create their own ring tones.

The name Melon is actually an acronym of the phrase melody on.[3]

As of August 2016, Melon's latest version is the Melon 4.0.[4]

MelOn Player[edit]

The program to download and install the Melon service is available.

Users can enjoy features such as language and images on the desired song or album, SNS sharing, music listening, music video playback and download, mobile phone music transfer, and iTunes integration.

Mobile availability[edit]

Melon is currently available on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

The Melon mobile application allows unlimited streaming and limited downloads available and albums to share with friends and can recommend services.

Recognitions and awards[edit]

Melon has garnered recognitions, for example:

  • It became one of "Korea's Best 25 Apps" in the 2011 App Awards Korea.[5]
  • Recognized at the 2012 Trusted Brand Awards[6]
  • It won the "Grand Prize for Digital Contents" in the 2012 Korean Digital Management Innovation Awards.[7]
  • Recognized in the 2012 Korea Brand Power Index[8]
  • Ilgan Sports ranked MelOn as the 3rd most influential entity in the K-pop industry in a November 2013 poll in celebration of its 44th anniversary.[9]

International operations[edit]

In 2010, Melon was launched by SK Telecom in Indonesia, in partnership with Telkom Indonesia.[10] In 2016, Telkom Indonesia bought all the stake formerly owned by SK Telecom, followinng the SK Telecom's divestment from all MelOn businesses, thus made MelOn Indonesia become Indonesian company.[11]


Commercial Films[edit]

In 2009, actress Kang So-ra endorsed Melon through CFs. Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eyed Peas was used as BGM.

Madonna by Secret was used as BGM in 2010.

In 2013, Melon used the song White Lies by Max Frost as BGM.

Music Programs on TV[edit]

A screenshot of Red Velvet performing Russian Roulette on the SBS program Inkigayo on September 11, 2016, showing the introduction ticker for the song. The ticker shows the highlighting of Melon as a main sponsor for the said program. (grabbed from the official SBS Inkigayo YouTube account)

Melon is the main sponsor of the following music-related shows:

Melon Music Awards[edit]

Also in 2009, LOEN Entertainment launched the Melon Music Awards (MMA), an award-giving body dedicated to calculating digital sales and online votes to judge winners.


Songs with the most weeks at number one[edit]

8 weeks

7 weeks

6 weeks

Artists with most weeks at number one[edit]

Rank[20] 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Artist Big Bang IU Wonder Girls 2NE1 Sistar
Total weeks 51 36 32 28 27

Artists with most number one songs[edit]

Rank[20] 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Artist Big Bang IU 2NE1 Sistar, Davichi Wonder Girls, Girls' Generation
Total songs 18 16 12 10 8

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