Bromus maritimus

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Bromus maritimus
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Clade: Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Genus: Bromus
B. maritimus
Binomial name
Bromus maritimus
  • Bromus marginatus subsp. maritimus Piper(basionym)
  • Bromus carinitus var. maritimus (Piper) C.L.Hitchc.
  • Ceratochloa maritima (Piper) Holub

Bromus maritimus is a species of brome grass known by the common names maritime brome[3] and seaside brome. It is native to the coastal areas of California and Oregon.[3]


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