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Bruce Pascoe
BornRichmond, Victoria, Australia
OccupationHistorian, Author
GenreYoung Adult
Notable awardsAustralia Council Lifetime Achievement Award (2018), Prime Minister's Literary Award (2013)

Bruce Pascoe (born 1947 Richmond, Victoria) is an Australian Indigenous writer, from the Bunurong clan, of the Kulin nation. He has worked as a teacher, farmer, a fisherman and an Aboriginal language researcher.


He is Director of a Commonwealth Australian Studies project. He is working on preserving the Wathaurong language.[1]

His books include Fog a Dox, a book for young adults that won the Prime Minister's Literary Awards in 2013,[2] Convincing Ground about the Convincing Ground massacre,[3] and Dark Emu, a book that challenges the claim that pre-colonial Australian Aboriginal peoples were hunter-gatherers.[4] His research of early settler accounts found accounts of grain cultivation, flour, wells, and dams.[5][6] Dark Emu has received numerous favourable reviews and has pleased many proponents of Aboriginal culture, but it has as yet been largely ignored by academic historical anthropologists. There has been a favourable review of its cultural implications in the academic online magazine The Conversation, though this touched off a lengthy debate there about Pascoe’s use of his historical sources.[7]

He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Australia Council in 2018.[8]

He edited Australian Short Stories from 1982 to 1998.[9]


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