Buffalo Alternative High School

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School 4BuffaloNY.JPG
425 South Park
First Ward
Buffalo, New York, Erie 14204
School number 131
Principal Michael J. Mogavero
Grades 1-12
Principal on Assignment Nathaniel McCrea

Buffalo Alternative High School is an alternative school located in Buffalo, New York. It has gone through two separate eras, and was located at 268 Oak Street in Downtown Buffalo. The original Buffalo Alternative was closed in 2003 due to budget cuts, with a new alternative high school program being re-opened in Buffalo in 2006.


Buffalo Alternative was created in 1975 to house students who were disruptive, chronically suspended, otherwise unsuccessful in the traditional school setting. The main campus (or "Center School") was at 280 Oak Street (formerly the home to Boys Vocational High School), along with several satellite sites were established in instances of overcrowding and also to offer more specialized programs. The satellite sites included the "City-As-School" program at 320 Porter Avenue, home of an internship program for Alternative High students, the Fulton Bilingual Program at 220 Fulton Street for bilingual students, and the Fulton Junior High Program for junior high school students. Students who met criterion were allowed to either return to the traditional high school setting or graduate from Alternative High.

The school's facilities were lacking due to budgetary reasons, and the school was finally closed in 2003. Academy School 131 was created in 2006 to serve as the alternative program in Buffalo. Currently, the Oak Street campus serves as a combination of office space for the City of Buffalo as well as residential apartments.

The new alternative program (known as The Academy School) began in 2006 and was originally operated through a firm called Resultech and was located at former School 44 1369 Broadway. The Resultech partnership was dissolved in 2008 due to backlash from administrators and students.

The school began with two campuses, one at Public School 44 at 1369 Broadway Street for grades 9-12, and the other at 1409 East Delevan Avenue for grades 1-8. In 2011, the elementary program was moved to School 40 in Babcock. The high school program was moved to School 4 on South Park Avenue in 2014, with grades 1-8 moving in shortly thereafter.



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