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The Bulgarian People's Union (Balgarski Naroden Sajuz) was an electoral alliance (center-right) in Bulgaria. It contested only one legislative election: that on 25 June 2005. It won 5.7% of the popular vote and 13 out of 240 seats. The Union was composed by the Bulgarian Agrarian People's Union-People's Union (Bǎlgarski Zemedelski Naroden Sajuz-Naroden Sajuz), the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization - Bulgarian National Movement (Vatrešna Makedonska Revolucionna Organizacija-Bǎlgarsko Nacionalno Dviženie) and the Union of Free Democrats (Sajuz na svobodnite demokrati).

The last months (2006) several corruption scandals were connected to the leader of BPU - the former mayor of capital city of Sofia - Stefan Sofiyanski. Political surveys in 2006 showed seriously decreasing support for the BPU.

The alliance disbanded later that year.