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Bulgarian New Democracy (Bulgarian: Българска Нова Демокрация, БНД) is a political faction in the Bulgarian National Assembly formed on 2007-12-05 by fourteen dissenters of the National Movement for Stability and Progress who claim that their former party has lost its liberal roots.[1][2] The faction may grow to about twenty MPs, but it is not expected to threaten the ruling government's majority.[3] The leader of the faction is Borislav Ralchev.

The faction did not immediately decide whether it will found its own party or whether it will join an existing party — most likely the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria[4] —, but it announced that the voters would have the final word on that before the next elections are held in 2009.[5] In the end, the party was formally established as a separate party on 11 May 2008, positioning itself in the centre-right and hoping to establish alliances with other centre-right parties.[6]

Before the official announcement of the faction's foundation, European Liberal Initiative had been mentioned as a possible name.[7]

In January 2008, BND suggested it may ally with the United Democratic Forces to form a new, right-wing movement.[8]