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Bulgarian Left
Българската левица
Abbreviation BL
Leader Hristofor Dochev
Margarita Mileva
Ivan Genov
Founded 4 April 2009
Headquarters Sofia
Membership (2012) 6,000
Ideology Democratic socialism[citation needed]
Political position Left-wing
European affiliation Party of the European Left
International affiliation None
European Parliament group None
Colors Red
National Assembly
0 / 240
European Parliament
0 / 17

The Bulgarian Left (Bulgarian: Българската левица, Bǎlgarskata levitsa, BL) is a socialist political party in Bulgaria.

It was created in February 2009 predominantly by members of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, with its constituent congress taking place on April 4, 2009.[1] Its leaders are Hristofor Dochev, Margarita Mileva, Ivan Genov.[2]

The party is full member of the Party of the European Left (PEL) since September 2010.[3]

In the 2013 parliamentary elections the party won 5,924 (0.17%) of the votes and failed to win any seats. In 2014 the party participated in a coalition with Green Party of Bulgaria. Together they won 7,010 votes (0.21%). This coalition continued during 2017 parliamentary elections when they won 2,876 votes (0.08%).


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