Busan–Gimhae Light Rail Transit

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Busan-Gimhae LRT / BGL
South Korea subway logo.svg
Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit 1000 Series EMU.jpg
Native name 부산-김해 경전철(釜山-金海輕電鐵)
Busan-Gimhae Gyeongjeoncheol
Type Rapid transit/Light metro
System Busan Subway
Status Open
Termini Sasang
Kaya University
Stations 21[1]
Services 1[1]
Opened September 9, 2011
Operator(s) B&G Metro
Line length 23.9 km (14.9 mi)[2]
Number of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

The Busan–Gimhae Light Rail Transit is a light metro system between the cities of Busan and Gimhae in South Korea. The line has 21 stations including Daejeo and Sasang where passengers can transfer to Busan Metro Line 3 and Line 2 respectively. The line thus acts as a connecting rail between both Gimhae and Busan International Airport with two western outreaches of the Busan Metro system.


Gimhae National Museum station.

Construction of the line started in February 2006, and after repeated delays, it was set to open on July 29, 2011; however, opening of the line was once postponed indefinitely due to noise abatement issues. The line finally opened on September 9, 2011[3] with one week of free service; revenue service began on September 17, 2011.

The line has a length of 23.9 kilometers (14.9 mi)[2] with 21 stations,[1] and a design capacity of 176,000 passengers per day.[4]

The line is a joint venture between POSCO and Hyundai Rotem, and has a budget of 9,738 billion won.[4] The line is fully automated and uses standard gauge.[5]

Rolling stock[edit]

The line uses a dedicated fleet of 2-car trains[5] built by Rotem, a member of Hyundai Motor Group.


The line includes Gimhae International Airport Station. This is the station for Busan International Airport.

The stations at Sasang and Daejoe each connect with another line in the Busan urban rail network. Sasang connects with line 2 (green). Daejoe connects with line 3 (red).

Station Name
Station Name
Station Name
Busan Metro connecting lines Distance
in km
1 Sasang
(Busan Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal)

Busan Metro Line 2.svg --- 0.0 Busan Sasang
2 Gwaebeop Renecite
(Samrak Riverside Park)
0.6 0.6
3 Seobusan Yutongjigu
(Geumho Village)
2.2 2.8 Gangseo
4 Gimhae Int'l Airport 공항 0.9 3.7
5 Deokdu 덕두 1.7 5.4
6 Deunggu 등구 1.7 7.1
7 Daejeo 대저 Busan Metro Line 3.svg 1.7 8.8
8 Pyeonggang 평강 0.8 9.6
9 Daesa 대사 1.1 10.7
10 Buram 불암 1.0 11.7 South Gyeongsang Gimhae
11 Jinae 지내 0.5 12.2
12 Gimhae College

0.7 12.9
13 Inje University

1.8 14.7
14 Gimhae City Hall 김해시청 1.1 15.8
15 Buwon 부원 1.5 17.3
16 Bonghwang

0.8 18.1
17 Royal Tomb of King Suro
(Gimhae Passenger Terminal)

0.5 18.6
18 Gimhae National Museum 박물관 0.6 20.2
19 Yeonji Park 연지공원 1.0 21.2
20 Presbyterian University

1.5 22.7
21 Kaya University

0.7 23.4


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