Busan International High School

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Busan International High School
부산국제고등학교 / 釜山國際高等學校 / Busan-gukje-godeung-hakgyo
Busan International High School Logo.jpg
Busanjin-gu, Busan
Korea, Republic of
Type Public, Boarding school
Motto Eyes Towards the World, Hearts Full of Dreams
(Nuneun segyero, gaseumeun huimangeul 눈은 세계로, 가슴은 희망을)
Established 1997
Principal Mohk Jong-Ohk (허윤욱)
Faculty 85
Number of students 513
Tree Pine
Flower Camellia

Busan International High School (Hangul부산국제고등학교; Hanja釜山國際高等學校) is a prominent high school located in Busan, South Korea specializing in the humanities & social science. Busan International High School is a co-educational public high school, opened in 1997 for the purpose of preparing students as experts in international relations. Schools for this purpose are called "International High Schools," and Busan International High School is one of them along with Cheongshim International High School and Seoul International High School. These schools are classified as "Special Purpose High Schools" (teuksu mokjeok godeung hakgyo 특수목적고등학교).

Unlike Foreign Language High Schools, students at Busan International High School are not divided into classes based on what language they major in. Instead, they are distributed randomly into eight classes in each year, and select their second foreign language among Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French.

Middle school grades, and interviews along with future scholastic plans are taken into consideration in order to select 160 students per year. The 160 students are then divided into eight classes, which consist of roughly twenty students each. Almost all of the students lives in the dormitory and they go home only on Friday. The reputation of the school in Busan is relatively high, and many students choose the school for the reason that they can study with excellent students. Busan International high school has ranked 9th place in the Korean SAT scores nationwide.(based on 2015 records)

Every freshmen in the school has to choose a club to join, in which it will last for the 3 years of their high school years.

The school is located in Baegyang Mountain, Danggam-dong.

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