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Byaroza District (Belarusian language: Бярозаўскі раён) is an administrative subdivision of the Brest Region of Belarus with the center in Biaroza. The rajon is located in northwestern Polesia.

The rajon was formed in 1940 after the Soviet annection of West Belarus.

In 1958–1967 the Biaroza hydroelectric power station was built. The town of Biełaaziorsk is built for the power station workers in 1958.

There are two biological reserves in the rajon, near villages Sporava and Busłoŭka.


At the time of the Belarus Census (2009), Byaroza Raion had a population of 66,988. Of these, 90.8% were of Belarusian, 5.7% Russian, 1.8% Ukrainian and 1.0% Polish ethnicity. 61.7% spoke Belarusian and 36.2% Russian as their native language.


There are industry enterprises in the rayon producing agricultural products, ceramics, construction materials, textiles.

An important railway branch connecting voblsc center Brest and capital Minsk goes through the Biaroza rajon. Main railway stations in the rajon are Biaroza-Kartuskaja, Bronnaja Hara, Biełaaziorsk

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