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CFPE ParkRadio101.1 logo.jpg
City Banff, Alberta
Branding Park Radio - 101.1 FM
Frequency 101.1 FM
ERP 30 watts average
50 watts peak
HAAT −88.6 meters (−291 ft)
Class LP
Owner Friends of Banff National Park
Website Friends of Banff Park Radio Website

CFPE-FM is a Canadian English language tourist/park information radio station that operates on a frequency at 101.1 FM in Banff, Alberta. The station is branded as Park Radio - 101.1 FM.

The station originally began broadcasting on the AM band as CBPH. It is uncertain when the original station began broadcasting. The station moved to the FM band in the mid-1990s to 101.3 FM,[1] then later moved to 101.1 FM in 1997,[2] due to interference from the now former CKUA-FM rebroadcaster at 101.3 in Red Deer that had recently moved to a new FM frequency. The station would later change its calls to CFPE-FM.

CFPE-FM also operates a sister station, CFPF-FM (originally CBPG) that broadcasts a French language tourist/park information programing branded as Radio du Parc - 103.3 FM.

CFPE-FM and CFPF-FM were owned by the CBC, until they were acquired by Friends of Banff National Park Fellowship in 1999.[3]

On March 26, 2013, The Banff Centre announced its intention to acquire CFPE-FM and CFPF-FM from the Friends of Banff in an application with the CRTC. In addition, The Banff Centre has also applied to operate a new commercial English-language FM radio station for an adult album alternative format which, if approved, would operate at 107.9 MHz with an ERP of 180 watts and a maximum ERP of 500 watts, with an effective HAAT of -326.4 metres.[4] The approval to acquire CFPE and CFPF from the Friends of Banff was granted on July 19, 2013.[5] The approval of the new station at 107.9, CJXB-FM, was approved on August 6, 2013.[6]

Exemption order for low-power radio stations that provide tourist information. [7]

In February 2015, it was announced that CFPE-FM, CFPF-FM and yet to sign on the air CJXB-FM will cease broadcasting. [8] The CRTC revokes The Banff Centre's applications of CFPE-FM and CFPF-FM on April 10, 2015. [9] [10] Its unknown if CJXB-FM will be affected by the revokation of CFPE-FM and CFPF-FM.


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Coordinates: 51°11′21″N 115°32′37″W / 51.18917°N 115.54361°W / 51.18917; -115.54361