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This article is about the non-profit consortium. For the rapper, see Kid Cudi.

CUDI (in Spanish: Corporación Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet) is a non-profit consortium to build and operate a Mexican high-performance backbone network for research and education, sometimes called Internet-2 for Mexico.


Established in 2000, the RedCUDI backbone had a capacity of 155 Megabits per second (STM-1) with 3 international links to Abilene Network, one Gigabit link to the California Research and Education Network (CalREN) managed by CENIC, and one 45 Mbit/s link to RedCLARA. Over 150 members institutions (research centers, universities) participated in RedCUDI, some corporate and affiliate institutions, in all of the 31 states. Its purpose is to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies such as IPv6, IP multicasting, quality of service and other research.

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