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The Cabinet of Dominica is appointed by the President of Dominica acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister of Dominica.

Ministers of Dominica[edit]

  • Roosevelt Skerrit - Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, and Public Service
  • Levi Peter - Attorney General
  • Justina Charles - Minister for Youth, Sports, Culture and Constituency Empowerment
  • John Collin McIntyre - Minister for Planning, economic Development and Investment
  • Reginald Austrie - Minister for Housing, Lands and Water Resource Management
  • Senator Mirium Blanchard - Minister for Public Works and Ports
  • Johnson Drigo - Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Catherine Daniel - Minister for Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs
  • Ian Douglas - Minister for Trade, Energy and Employment
  • Rayburn Blackmoore - Minister for Justice, Immigration and National Security
  • Petter Saint-Jean - Minister for Education and Human Resource Development
  • Roselyn Paul - Minister for Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development
  • Kenneth Darroux - Minister for Health and Environment
  • Kelver Darroux - Minister for Information, Science, Telecommunication and Technology
  • Casius Darroux - Minister for Kalinago Affairs
  • Senator Robert Tonge - Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal
  • Senator Francine Baron - Foreign Affairs and CARICOM Affairs
  • - Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, responsible for Project Planning and Implementation
  • Ivor Stephenson - Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Environment with specific responsibility for the Environment