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Cage may refer to:


  • Cage (enclosure), a structure made of mesh, bars or wires, used to confine, contain or protect something. Examples include:
    • Batting cage, an enclosure for baseball players to practice batting
    • Bottle cage, a bicycle accessory used to affix a water bottle to a bike
    • Cage crinoline, a specific form of crinoline petticoat composed of hoops held together by tapes
    • Faraday cage, an enclosure formed by conducting material
    • Human rib cage, a part of the human skeleton within the thoracic area
    • Mine cage, similar to an elevator, used to transport miners and their equipment to/from the working face of a shaft mine
    • Roll cage, a specially constructed frame built in or around the cab of a vehicle to protect the occupants from injury
    • Shark proof cage, used by scuba divers to examine sharks with better safety
  • Cage (bearing), a component of a rolling-element bearing
  • Gabion, a cage filled with coarse gravel or rock

Abstract concepts[edit]

  • Cage (graph theory), a regular graph in graph theory with the fewest vertices for a given girth and degree
  • Iron cage, a concept introduced by Max Weber




  • "Christian Cage", a former ring name of Jason Reso, a Canadian-American professional wrestler
  • David Cage (born 1969), founder of videogame development studio Quantic Dream
  • John Cage (1912–1992), experimental composer
  • Michael Cage (born 1962), former NBA basketball player
  • Nicolas Cage (born 1964), American actor
  • Steven Cage, member of the Conservative Party of Canada
  • Stuart Cage (born 1973), English golfer
  • William Cage (1666–1738), English politician, MP for Rochester


Music and dance[edit]


  • Cage (band), an American heavy metal band
  • Cage (rapper) (born 1973), Chris Palko, an American hip hop artist
  • Byron Cage (born 1962), African-American gospel recording artist
  • John Cage (1912–1992), American composer




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