Cahill U.S. Marshal

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Cahill U.S. Marshal
DVD Cover for Cahill U.S. Marshal
Directed byAndrew V. McLaglen
Produced byMichael Wayne
Written byBarney Slater (story)
Screenplay byHarry Julian Fink
Rita M. Fink
Music byElmer Bernstein
CinematographyJoseph F. Biroc
Edited byRobert L. Simpson
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
  • July 11, 1973 (1973-07-11)
Running time
103 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$3,100,000 (US/ Canada rentals)[1]

Cahill U.S. Marshal is a 1973 American Western film in Technicolor[2] starring John Wayne as a driven lawman in a black hat. The film was directed by Andrew V. McLaglen[3][4] and filmed on location in Durango, Mexico.


While J.D. Cahill (John Wayne), a widower and U.S. Marshal, is away from home, his two sons Danny (Gary Grimes) and Billy (Clay O'Brien) aid Abe Fraser (George Kennedy) and his gang to escape from jail and to rob a bank. The town's sheriff is shot and killed during the robbery. Billy hides the stolen money while his brother and the rest of the gang return to locked jail cells as an alibi. When Cahill returns, he and Danny look for the perpetrators with the help of half-Comanche tracker Lightfoot (Neville Brand). Cahill arrests four suspects and although they are innocent, they are found guilty and scheduled to be hanged. While on the tracks of the kids, Cahill and Lightfoot are ambushed by Brownie (Dan Vadis). Lightfoot hurts him but is eventually killed. Cahill's sons try to return the gang's share of the money to Fraser, resulting in a showdown between Cahill and his boys on one side and Fraser's gang on the other.



The film was produced by John Wayne's production company Batjac Productions and shot on location in Durango, Mexico.[5]


In a 1975 interview with writer Tony Macklin for Film Heritage, Wayne said the film had "a good theme" but "wasn't a well-done picture" because it "needed better writing" and "a little more care in the making."[6]

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