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Cam F. Awesome
Medal record
Men's amateur boxing
Representing the  United States
Pan American Games
Bronze medal – third place 2015 Toronto Super heavyweight

Cam F. Awesome (born August 6, 1988 in Uniondale, New York), formerly known as Lenroy Thompson, is an American amateur boxer best known for winning the US title in 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and the Golden Gloves in 2009, 2011 and 2013 at super heavyweight.[1] He frequently fights in pink to show his commitment to and involvement with the Breast Cancer Awareness Program. Awesome is the U.S. National Team Captain and is also the Athlete Director on USA Boxing Board of Directors. Cam is married to Jasmine.[2] He is a vegan since 2012 and promotes the lifestyle.[3][4]

Amateur boxing career[edit]

Awesome is a Southpaw that fights with a counterpuncher style. He first started boxing in 2005 to lose weight. A few months later he moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida, where he continued to box for Fort Pierce P.A.L. and won 18 consecutive matches in the super heavyweight class.[2]

In 2012 he was suspended for a year by the United States Anti-Doping Agency for multiple failures to provide his location in order to be available for drug testing.[5] On his return from the suspension, he legally changed his name to "Cam F. Awesome"[6] and resumed his pursuit of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where he became a leading frontrunner to represent the United States as a super-heavyweight.[7] He lost to Lenier Pero at the 2015 Pan American Games but was noted for his energetic performance during the bout and in post-fight interviews, where he gained attention for calling himself "the Taylor Swift of boxing".[8]

At the U.S. Olympic team trials in December 2015, he won the 201-pound weight class.[9] However, due to his international ranking, this only qualified him for the 2016 APB and WSB Olympic Qualifier where he was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

He lives and trains in Lenexa, Kansas.[10]

List of titles[edit]

List of titles won:[2]

  • 08 US Men's National Champ
  • 10 US Men's National Champ
  • 13 US Men's National Champ
  • 14 US Men's National Champ
  • 09 Golden Gloves National Champ
  • 11 Golden Gloves National Champ
  • 13 Golden Gloves National Champ
  • 09 PAL National Champ
  • 10 PAL National Champ
  • 11 PAL National Champ
  • 09 Ringside Worlds Champ
  • 10 Ringside Worlds Champ
  • 11 Ringside Worlds Champ
  • 13 Ringside Worlds Champ
  • 14 Ringside Worlds Champ
  • 12 Olympic Trial Champ
  • Gold Medal at Cheo Aponte 2013
  • Gold Medal at Olympic Cup 2013
  • Gold Medal in Mazar Makai 2013
  • Gold Medal in The Independence Cup 2014
  • Gold Medal at Felix Stamm 2014
  • Silver Medal in Continental Championships 2013
  • Gold Medal at Cheo Aponte 2014
  • Gold medal at Pan An Olympic Festival 2014
  • Bronze medal at 2009 Tamper Tournament
  • Bronze medal at 2015 Pan American Games


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