Campeche Bank

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Campeche Bank
Campeche Bank Busby 1965 19.png
1965 realization of Campeche Bank
Campeche Yucatan Basin.jpg
Depiction of Campeche Bank & Yucatán Shelf
Campeche Bank is located in Mexico
Campeche Bank
Campeche Bank
Location in Gulf of Mexico
Coordinates22°30′N 89°0′W / 22.500°N 89.000°W / 22.500; -89.000Coordinates: 22°30′N 89°0′W / 22.500°N 89.000°W / 22.500; -89.000
ArchipelagoCampeche Bank
Adjacent to
Total islandsTen
Major islands
Federal Entity of MexicoCampeche
Capital cityCampeche City
Additional information
Campeche Knolls

Campeche Bank is part of the Gulf of Mexico and extends from the Yucatan Straits in the east to the Tabasco-Campeche Basin in the west.[12] The Campeche ocean bank is 81 miles (130 km) from Mexico's geography of Campeche nautically bearing 100 nautical miles (120 mi; 190 km) south of the Tropic of Cancer.

Campeche Bank is cast as cays and reefs with islets encompassing Arrecife Alacran and Sigsbee Deep to the north with a southwest island arc of the Cayos Arcas archipelago isolated 92 nautical miles (106 mi; 170 km) north of Ciudad del Carmen.


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