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Campus Front of India
Campus Front of India Flage.jpg
Official flag
Motto"Students for the social change"
Formation7 November 2009
TypeStudent Organisation
HeadquartersF-23, Shaheen Bagh, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, 110025
National President
MS Sajid (jnu)
Vice President
Abdul raheem
Vice President
Athiya Firdouse
General Secretary
Rauf Shareef
Parent organization
Popular Front of India (unofficial)

The Campus Front of India is a student's organisation based in India. It was launched at New Delhi on 7 November 2009, under the guidance of the Popular Front of India, {Citation needed|date=May 2019}}. The organisation is portrayed as 'encouraging student activism'.[1][2][3][4] It claims to empower the campuses by leading students to take up social issues to 'mark a new dawn in the history of students activism'. The organisation claims to struggle against imperialism and fascism.[5] They have been criticized for spreading religious fundamentalism in Campuses in recent years.[6]But such views are rejected by the campus Front.She says that the campus front does not advance religious views, but that all students can work in the organization


FYUP Row[edit]

Campus Front held protests against four year undergraduate programme (FYUP), proposed at the Delhi University. On 20 June 2013 it organized a signature campaign in over 100 colleges of 20 universities in many parts of India.[7][8]

Saujanya Murder case[edit]

Campus Front Dakshina Kannada unit demanded handing over the Soujanya rape and murder case to CBI in a protest held in front of Deputy Commissioner's office in Mangalore.[9]

Against scarf restriction for AIPMT 2016[edit]

The organisation held protests against the CBSE conducted AIPMT for including the scarf in its list of restricted items in Exam hall. The AIPMT had restricted head-covering to discourage unfair practices during Exam in 2015.[10]

The restriction had created controversy in 2015 with two Muslim students having to approach the Kerala HC for special permission to don their hijab, while a nun (who had not approached the HC) from the same state, was debarred from the exam by rule.

Other Agitations[edit]

Mangalore One School Child Abuse Issue[edit]

Campus Front protested against the Mangalore One School Management for inaction after 4-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by the cab driver.[11][12][13] Campus Front extended its support to Justice for Baby Nirbhaya Forum by United Muslim Organization and participated in Silent Candle Light at Mangalore.[14][15][16]

Headscarf issue on Sullia College[edit]

Campus Front held a dharna at Sullia college as the teacher insisted five women students to remove their headscarf during a photo session at the college.[17] The protesters ended their dharna when the lecturer apologised.[18]

Against the atrocities on Rohingya people[edit]

Campus Front of India on behalf of its Save Rohingya campaign, organized a March to the Myanmar embassy protesting against Myanmar government's atrocities against Rohingya people. Delhi Police prevented the protesters from entering the Myanmar embassy at Teen Murti Marg, so the protest was held at Teen Murti Marg.[19]


Green Campus / Healthy Campus Campaign[edit]

Campus Front activists with Saalumarada Thimmakka on World Environment Day, 2015

Campus Front of India, Karnataka unit conducts Green Campus campaign in June every year, through planting trees and cleaning school campuses in Karnataka. On 5 June 2015(World Environment Day), the organisation re-launched the campaign with a new name, Healthy Campus, hoping to widen its reach. Along with planting trees and cleanliness, it raised anti-drug and anti-tobacco awareness in schools. These activities helped the organisation to gain a good name through social service, dimming allegations against it.[20][21]

Membership Campaign[edit]

The respective state units of the organisation holds annual membership campaign. Students can purchase a membership coupon at a nominal price OR they can register online.


According to TwoCircles online news agency, Campus Front had announced an award named Ekalavya Award for Students with 'exceptional performance in Higher Secondary, poor backgrounds and hailing from marginalized communities'.[22]

Alleged Extremism[edit]

Sachin Gopal Murder Case[edit]

On 6 July 2012, N. Sachin Gopal, a student of Modern ITC, Kannur and the district leader Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, was allegedly stabbed by members of the Campus Front and Popular Front of India. Gopal later died of his injuries at KMC Hospital in Mangalore on 6 September 2012[23] A Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed to investigate the case.[24][25][26]

Abhimanyu Murder Case[edit]

Campus front is the alleged preparators and executors of murder of the Students' Federation of India activist Abhimanyu in Maharaja's college at Ernakulam, Kerala on 2 July 2018, Four members of the Campus Front gang were arrested by police and numerous advocacies of the gang are under suspicion.[27][28]


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