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The Motion Picture Association – Canada (in French: Association Cinématographique – Canada) or MPA-C is a film industry trade group which speaks for and represents the major U.S. motion picture studios in Canada for films, television, videos and DVDs.[1] It is the Canadian counterpart of the MPAA with effectively identical membership and a derivative logo.


The organization exists to promote the interests of its member organizations, and expand the Canadian film and video industry. It lobbies at the provincial and federal government levels to advance its agenda.[1]

The MPA–C administers the Canadian Home Video Rating System, though unlike the MPAA it does not rate films itself, instead depending on provincial ratings.[2]

The organization functions as copyright advocate, and directs an anti-piracy initiative.[1]

Member organizations[edit]

Only U.S. companies are part of the organization; there are no Canadian members.[3]


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