Canoeing at the 1952 Summer Olympics – Men's K-2 1000 metres

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Canoeing at the
1952 Summer Olympics
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K-2 1000 m men
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These are the results of the men's K-2 1000 metres competition in canoeing at the 1952 Summer Olympics. The K-2 event is raced by two-man canoe sprint kayaks. Heats and final took place on July 28.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Kurt Wires
and Yrjö Hietanen (FIN)
 Lars Glasser
and Ingemar Hedberg (SWE)
 Maximilian Raub
and Herbert Wiedermann (AUT)


The 19 teams first raced in three heats. The top three teams in each heat advanced directly to the final.

Heat 1
1.  Lars Glassèr and Ingemar Hedberg (SWE) 3:51.7 QF
2.  Kurt Wires and Yrjö Hietanen (FIN) 3:53.0 QF
3.  Egon Dyg and Andreas Lind (DEN) 3:53.3 QF
4.  Anatoly Troshenkov and Igor Kuznetsov (URS) 3:54.0
5.  Jan Matocha and Otto Kroutil (TCH) 3:56.3
6.  Eligio Valentino and Pio Vennettilli (ITA) 4:03.8
7.  Frank Prout and Roland Prout (GBR) 4:07.6
Heat 2
1.  Max Raub and Herbert Wiedermann (AUT) 3:55.2 QF
2.  Gustav Schmidt and Helmut Noller (GER) 3:55.7 QF
3.  Ivar Mathisen and Knut Østby (NOR) 3:58.2 QF
4.  Heinrich Hess and Kurt Zimmer (SAA) 4:01.4
5.  Anton Kuster and Hans Straub (SUI) 4:14.9
6.  Johnny Lucas and Léon Roth (LUX) 4:21.6
Heat 3
1.  Cees Koch and Jan Klingers (NED) 3:54.3 QF
2.  István Granek and János Kulcsár (HUN) 3:54.5 QF
3.  Maurice Graffen and Marcel Renaud (FRA) 3:54.8 QF
4.  Frans Van den Berghen and Albert Van de Vliet (BEL) 3:59.2
5.  Thomas Horton and John Eiseman (USA) 4:02.9
6.  Robert Cordner and George Ward (CAN) 4:27.5


Gold  Kurt Wires and Yrjö Hietanen (FIN) 3:51.1
Silver  Lars Glassèr and Ingemar Hedberg (SWE) 3:51.1
Bronze  Max Raub and Herbert Wiedermann (AUT) 3:51.4
4.  Gustav Schmidt and Helmut Noller (GER) 3:51.8
5.  Ivar Mathisen and Knut Østby (NOR) 3:54.7
6.  Maurice Graffen and Marcel Renaud (FRA) 3:55.1
7.  István Granek and János Kulcsár (HUN) 3:55.1
8.  Cees Koch and Jan Klingers (NED) 3:55.8
9.  Egon Dyg and Andreas Lind (DEN) 3:59.3

The Finnish duo won the gold medal after studying a photo finish of the event.