Conolly Canal

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Conolly Canal

Conolly Canal, sometimes spelled Canoly Canal, is the part of the West coast canal network of Kerala and runs through the Kozhikode city. It was constructed in the year 1848 under the orders of then collector of Malabar, H.V. Conolly.[1] The Canoly Canal is 11.4 km (7 mi) long and connects the Korapuzha river in the north and the Kallai River in the south.[2] The width of the canal varies between 6 and 20 metres (20 to 65 ft), and the water depth during the monsoon ranges between 0.5 and 2 metres (1.5 to 6 ft). The sides of most of the canal are lined with dimension stone, but at some locations the lining has collapsed. In a number of places along the canal, trees and bushes and water plants have grown, causing the water flow in the middle stretch of the canal to become weaker.[3]

The Canoly Canal Development Samithi in Kozhikode has recently decided to start speedboat service on the canal from Karaparamba to the Sarovaram park site in September 2009.[4]


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