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MC Kinky
Birth nameCaron Liza Geary
Also known asFeral,[1] Feral is Kinky,[1] Feral a.k.a. MC Kinky,[2] Cantankerous,[1] The Infidel[1]
Born (1963-10-15) 15 October 1963 (age 55)
Paddington, London, England
OriginKilburn, North West London, England[3][4]
GenresRagga, dancehall
Years active1989 (1989)–present
LabelsMore Protein
Associated actsE-Zee Possee, Jesus Loves You, Erasure, Boy George, Flight, Natacha Atlas, Jam & Spoon, Gwen Stefani, Towa Tei, Endymion

Caron Liza Geary (born 15 October 1963 in Paddington, London),[1] known by various stage names, is an English female raggamuffin toaster. She was the first white female reggae/dancehall MC.[1][5]

According to Geary, her first recorded appearance was on a cover of Kid Ralph, a dancehall track by Little Twitch.[6][7][8] The song talks about a "legendary" homosexual figure in Jamaica's prison system.[9] She has subsequently worked as a solo artist and with other musicians, including Erasure and Boy George, who described her music as "the dirtiest 'slackest' reggae I'd heard since the seventies".[10]


Growing up in Marylebone,[11] Geary lived adjacent to an after-hours party which blasted out reggae music;[11] as a result, Geary was exposed to reggae from a very young age. It is these experiences which inspired her to write the controversial song Everything Starts with an 'E' as part of E-Zee Possee, which was banned by the BBC because of its lyrics[12] and made #69 in the UK Singles Chart in 1989, leaving the chart after only one week;[13] however it was re-released less than a year later in March 1990 and climbed to #15 on the UK chart,[13] spending eight weeks in the chart.[13]

Kinky's first solo single, the Apollo 440 produced "Get Over It",[14] reached #95 on the UK Singles Chart.[15] Her only solo top 75 hit, coming five years later, was Everybody, released under the name "Kinky", which charted at #71 on that chart.[16]

Kinky has been touring underground, occasionally providing vocals for other artists. In 1997, she took a residency in Ibiza as "the Infidel",[11] operating under the name for a week[17] before writing an album called Cantankerous and taking up the name for herself.[11] When a member of staff at Club Motherfucker described her sound as "feral pop",[6] she became "Feral" and finally ended up with "Feral a.k.a. MC Kinky"[2] and "FERALisKINKY"[18]


Descriptions of Geary's sound have varied from a "bass driven, vitriolic sonic hybrid of grimy electronic ragga, manic house and punk rock"[5] to a "white female raggamuffin toaster".[19] Kinky has denounced these descriptions, saying "I can't be bothered with people who spend large amounts of time trying to place people and music into small and narrow categories. I do what comes naturally to me, and it usually has a combination of influences."[19]



Solo singles[edit]

Year Single UK chart position
1991 "Get Over It"[15] 95
1991 "Inna We Kingdom"[20]
1992 "Won Love"[20]
1992 "Twisting The Mind"[20]
1996 "Everybody" (as "Kinky")[16] 71

As featured artist[edit]

Year Single UK chart position
1989 "Everything Starts with an 'E'" (E-Zee Possee ft. MC Kinky)[21] 69
1990 "Everything Starts with an 'E'" (re-entry) (E-Zee Possee ft. MC Kinky)[21] 15
1990 "Generations of Love" (Jesus Loves You ft. MC Kinky)[22] 80
1991 "Generations of Love" (re-entry) (Jesus Loves You ft. MC Kinky)[22] 35
1992 "Take a Chance on Me" (Erasure ft. MC Kinky)[23] 1 track from Abba-esque
1992 "Flight" (Flight ft. MC Kinky)[24]
1995 "Yalla Chant" (She A Baad Gal Edit; Natacha Atlas ft. MC Kinky)[25]
2000 "The Chase" (Giorgio Moroder vs. Jam & Spoon ft. MC Kinky)[26]
2001 "We Love" (Storm ft. MC Kinky)[27]
2006 "Wind It Up" (Abashment Electro House Mix; Gwen Stefani ft. MC Kinky)[26]
2013 "Raging in the Dancehall" (Endymion & The Viper ft. FERAL is KINKY)
2013 "Bring Dat" (Daishi Dance ft. FERAL is KINKY)
2017 "Militant" Will Sparks & Tyron Hapi (ft. FERAL is KINKY)

Other songs[edit]

Year Song
1989 "Kipsy" (Boy George ft. MC Kinky)[28]
1995 "Son of Bambi (Walk Tuff)" (Towa Tei ft. MC Kinky)[29]


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