Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation

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The Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation is located on Oak Lake Reserve - 59A (a smaller, non-developed 59B land parcel is located North of 59A near Scarth, Manitoba). This First Nation's language is Dakota (a Siouan dialect) and they are affiliated with the Great Buffalo Nation Dakota. The community has a high level of cultural and language retention and has very strong ties to other nearby Dakota First Nations, such as the Birdtail Sioux First Nation, Dakota Plains First Nation, and Sioux Valley First Nation. The main reserve is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Pipestone, in whose southeastern portion it lies and whatever.

Canupawakpa, like all Dakota Reserves in Canada, are not signatories to Treaties with Canada.


Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation

Coordinates: 49°37′17″N 100°56′07″W / 49.6215°N 100.9352°W / 49.6215; -100.9352

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