Carijós Ecological Station

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Carijós Ecological Station
Estação Ecológica de Carijós
Map showing the location of Carijós Ecological Station
Map showing the location of Carijós Ecological Station
Location in Brazil
Nearest city Florianópolis, Santa Catarina
Coordinates 27°27′54″S 48°30′36″W / 27.465°S 48.510°W / -27.465; -48.510Coordinates: 27°27′54″S 48°30′36″W / 27.465°S 48.510°W / -27.465; -48.510
Area 759 hectares (1,880 acres)
Designation Ecological station
Created 20 July 1987

Carijós Ecological Station (Portuguese: Estação Ecológica de Carijós) is a coastal marine ecological station in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.


The Carijós Ecological Station was established by decree of 20 July 1987, covering an area of 7.5933 square kilometres (2.9318 sq mi) in the Florianópolis municipality.[1] It is managed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation.[2]


Carijós Ecological Station contains part of the Atlantic forest biome and is fully protected. The purpose is conservation of the mangrove ecosystem on Santa Catarina Island. The station is closed to the public, with visits allowed only for environmental education purposes.[1] As of 2009 the Ecological Station was a "strict nature reserve" under IUCN protected area category Ia.[3] In 2013 the ecological station and the National Center for Research and Conservation of Wild Birds (CEMAVE) were involved in monitoring the health of wild birds in federally-administered conservation units of Florianópolis. This was the first systematic study of the prevalance of diseases and parasites of the local avifauna.[4]