Carlos Romero Deschamps

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Carlos Antonio Romero Deschamps
Born (1944-01-17) 17 January 1944 (age 75)
Political partyPRI logo (Mexico).svg PRI

Carlos Antonio Romero Deschamps (born 17 January 1944) is a Mexican politician affiliated with the PRI. He served as Senator of the LXII Legislature of the Mexican Congress. He also served as Deputy during three Legislatures (1979–82, 1991–94, 2000–03) and as Senator between 1994 until 2000.[1]

Romero Deschamps was included in a list of the "10 most corrupt Mexicans" published by Forbes in 2013.[2]

Allegations of Corruption[edit]

Despite Deschamps claims to be on a modest trade union monthly salary of $1,864, he has long been suspected of using his influence as the most powerful Pemex Sindicato de Trabajadores Petroleros de la República Mexicana union leader and one of the most notorious PRI members for personal enrichment, either through embezzlement or peddling. This salary, although above the Mexican average, cannot account for his opulent and lavish lifestyle. His daughter routinely displays online publicly her world travels on private jets and yachts, and her frequent fine dining. His son drives a $2 million limited edition Enzo Ferrari, which was a gift from Deschamps despite his supposed income.[3]

He owns a home in Cancun worth nearly $1.5 million which he has described as a “cottage”. In 2011 he allegedly received $21.6 million “aid to the union executive committee” and $15.3 million from dues according to political analyst Denise Dresser. Despite these allegations he has stated that his “hands are clean,” and is currently under investigation.[3]

Deschamps also holds prominent political connections that have arguably allowed him to maintain his high influential position for so long. He has had ties with the ruling party, PRI (Revolutionary Institutional Party,) since 1961. Despite being a Union executive he has also managed to be a PRI senator.[4]

In July 2019, Romero Deschamps was expelled from the union after being charged with corruption.[5]


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