Casio PB-1000

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Casio PB-1000
Casio PB-1000
Manufacturer Casio
Release date 1987
CPU Hitachi HD61700 (CMOS)
Memory 8K RAM (40K optional)
Storage (options) MD-100 floppy disk unit, FA-7 tape interface (both devices include a printer port and an RS-232 interface)
Display LCD, 192*32 pixels, 32x4 chars (32x8 chars virtual), 4x4 touch screen
Camera None
Connectivity RS-232C
Power 3 batteries (55-100 hours at 0.14W)
Dimensions 24x187x97mm (closed)
Weight 435 g (15.3 oz)

The Casio PB-1000 was a handheld computer released by Casio in 1987. Revolutionary for its time, it featured a touchscreen display which consisted of 16 keys built into the screen, arranged in fixed positions on a four by four matrix.

The computer itself included 8Kb of RAM and it was possible to install a 32Kb memory expansion card.

The PB-1000 was programmable in both a custom version of the BASIC language and assembly language.

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