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NEC Mobile Communications, established 1 May 2010, is a joint venture among three Japanese electronics manufacturers NEC, Casio and Hitachi, where NEC owns 70.74%, Casio 20.00% and Hitachi 9.26%.[1] The company designs and manufactures mobile phones and related products. The company is the second largest maker of mobile terminals in Japan.[2] The company headquarters is in Kawasaki, Kanagawa.

The company was formed as a merger between the mobile handset division of NEC and the former joint venture between Casio and Hitachi, Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications, established 1 April 2004.[3]

Casio G'zOne[edit]

In the United States and Japan, NEC Casio Mobile also manufactures phones under the Casio G'zOne brand. This device line with a small cosmetic differences and RF firmware adoption were also sold in the Republic of Korea. Then widely spread around the world (including non-official sales from the US and Korea) due to the rare IP68 protective design and close to outstanding hardware specs of some models like Commando C811 / CA-201L at the moment of the release.

Name changing[edit]

As of October 1, 2014, NEC Casio Mobile Communications, announced that its official name is now NEC Mobile Communications. Since then, official site is now: Old NEC Casio site (and all its software/updates domains) were closed in the February 2015. It seems that company simply dropped support for all the popular and not so old NEC Casio models released just in a 2013-2014. Previously, in 2013 NEC planned to close smartphone production in 2014, leaving in production the conventional mobile phones and the tablets.

End of life[edit]

As of January 1, 2016, NEC Mobile Communications seems to be completely gone from the mobile phone market. Official web site is completely closed. Any support abandoned. Users left alone with their devices. You can explore latest official website's Archive snapshot at the link below.


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