Casio BE-300

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Casio BE-300
ManufacturerCasio Computer Co. Ltd
Release dateJune 25, 2001 (2001-06-25)
Operating systemWindows CE
Memory16 MB of RAM.
Removable storageCompact Flash
Display320×240 touch-screen LCD
InputResistive Touchscreen
Mass167 g
WebsiteOfficial website

The Cassiopeia BE-300 Pocket Manager was a personal digital assistant manufactured by Casio Computer Co. Ltd and first released June 25, 2001. In Japan, it was also marketed as BE-500. The Cassiopeia BE-300 used a cut-down version of Windows CE 3.0 that was not fully compatible with Windows CE applications. It featured a 32 thousand colors 320×240 touch-screen LCD, a 166 MHz MIPS CPU, and 16 MB of RAM. It was also equipped with a CompactFlash slot, allowing for the expansion of internal memory with external flash memory cards as well as the use of peripheral CF-compatible devices such as wireless and network adapters.[1] Enthusiast reviews of the device were mixed with some excited about the hacking possibilities and the low price[2] and others were dismissive of the device.[3] In the general press it received modestly positive reviews.[4][5]

The BE-300 was reasonably hackable and a community grew up dedicated to modifying it.[citation needed]

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