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A Casio Databank calculator watch.

Casio Databank is a series of digital watches manufactured by Casio. They allow data storage for names and telephone numbers, memos, and in late editions, email addresses; this in addition to usually providing a calculator, in addition to the standard features of a digital watch. There are at least two Databank watches that include a TV and VCR remote control feature.


A Casio Databank calculator watch.

The Databank CD-40 is the first Databank watch, debuting in 1984. It is one of the first digital watches created in the 1980s that allows the user to store information, following a Pulsar model released in 1982.

As of 2016, Casio sells four models of Databank watches on its website: the CA53W, which only provides calculator functions; the CA56, which provides calculator and databank functions; and the DB36 and its stainless steel variant, which only provide data storage functions.

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