Castra of Bumbești-Jiu – Gară

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Castra of Bumbești-Jiu - Gară
Castra of Bumbești-Jiu – Gară is located in Romania
Castra of Bumbești-Jiu – Gară
Location within Romania
Founded 2nd century AD[1][2]
Abandoned 3rd century AD[1][2]
Place in the Roman world
Province Dacia
Administrative unit Dacia Malvensis
Administrative unit Dacia Inferior
Directly connected to
— Stone structure —
Size and area 167 m x 167 m (2.8 ha)
Construction technique Opus caementicium [3][4]
— Wood and earth structure —
Stationed military units
vexill. V Macedonica[citation needed]
Coordinates 45°11′00″N 23°23′06″E / 45.183220°N 23.384921°E / 45.183220; 23.384921
Altitude c. 310 m
Place name Gară
Town Bumbești-Jiu
County Gorj
Country  Romania
RO-LMI GJ-I-s-A-09126 [2]
RO-RAN 79317.01 [1]
Site notes
Recognition Monument istoric.svg National Historical Monument
Discovery year 1897 [1]
Condition Ruined
Excavation dates
Exhibitions "Alexandru Ștefulescu" History and Archeology Museum

The castra of Bumbești-Jiu now known as Gară was a fort in the Roman province of Dacia in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.[1][2] A contemporary settlement was also unearthed at the fort.[1][2] The ruins of the fort are located in Bumbești-Jiu (Romania).[1][2] In the same town, the ruins of an other Roman fort were also unearthed.[2]

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Coordinates: 45°10′57″N 23°22′20″E / 45.18250°N 23.37222°E / 45.18250; 23.37222