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Subcategories - 'Churches in England' (by county)[edit]

I have now created and part-populated Churches in... subcategories for all but one of the counties listed in Category:Buildings and structures in England by county. The one exception being Rutland, where no churches are currently listed on Wikipedia. (I nearly said "where there are no churches" :o) ). Several others (such as Isle of Wight) only make it by the skin of their teeth with a single identifiable entry.

Entry qualifications for the categories are fairly vague, essentially to include: any Christian church, chapel, cathedral, abbey, priory, minster, etc, building; whether active or ruin; whatever the denomination (so Roman Catholic and Anglican buildings are freely mixed - very ecumenical!); whatever the size.

Identifiable church congregations, rather than church buildings, have been moved to Category:Churches in the United Kingdom. In future these may well warrant their own category.

Each category is also a sub-cat of the appropriate County category, and also the 'Buildings and structures' category for the county; the thinking being that readers may be seeking information from several different directions, and this will help them find it.

This is an ongoing process, please feel free to join in!

EdJogg 14:54, 16 November 2006 (UTC)