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The Ukranian Orthodox Church of United States of America (UOC of USA) has not only the american eparchies, but, it has also an eparchy in Brazil in the city called "Curitiba". The Eparch is H.E. Jeremias. This eparchy has as his Metropolite, H.B.Constantine. -- 04:44, 18 October 2006

Naming conventions[edit]

In my opinion it is better to use a sub-category with the word diaspora eg. "Ukrainian diaspora in Australia" rather than sub-categories with names like "Ukrainians in Australia", "Ukrainians of Australia" "Australian Ukrainians" etc.

This is because the idea of the "diaspora" is wider than just people - it also includes their culture, traditions, buildings and community facilities, music, newspapers etc. For this reason using terms like "Ukrainian American" is limiting it is used to describe a sub-category of "Diaspora".

I propose that en:Category:Ukrainian diaspora have a sub-category Category:Ukrainian diaspora by country. Then each country would be represented under this category with its own sub-category eg. Category:Ukrainian dispora in Canada. These lower level sub-categories could contain specific pages on people eg. "List of Ukrainian-Canadians", "Ukrainian Churches in Canada" and specific articles on magazines, individuals, buildings etc. --Pkravchenko (talk) 08:35, 30 December 2008 (UTC)