Central Park, Wisconsin

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Central Park is an unincorporated residential and business community within the town of Somers in eastern Kenosha County, Wisconsin, United States, located at Sheridan Road (Highway 32) at Twelfth Street (Kenosha County Highway E).[1] The area once was the location of the namesake Central Park, a sprawling private recreational park, baseball field and picnic grounds that was served by a stop of The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company (TMER&L) interurban line which had installed layover sidings for its rail cars waiting to reload and return picnickers to their homes. Central Park often hosted many annual company picnics including those of the Nash Motors Company of Kenosha. The Central Park picnic grounds were later sold and renamed "Minkowski's Grove", which since has been subdivided and no longer exists for public usage.[2]


Coordinates: 46°42′48″N 92°04′20″W / 46.71333°N 92.07222°W / 46.71333; -92.07222