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Borough (Delegación) of Tijuana
Delegación Centro
Centro is located in Tijuana Centro
Location within Central Tijuana
Coordinates: 32°31′54″N 117°02′32″W / 32.531618°N 117.042203°W / 32.531618; -117.042203Coordinates: 32°31′54″N 117°02′32″W / 32.531618°N 117.042203°W / 32.531618; -117.042203
Country Mexico
State Baja California
Municipality (municipio) Tijuana
Area code(s) 664

Centro is a borough of the municipality of Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico.

Delegación Centro includes the old downtown, or Zona Centro, the new business district (Zona Río), Zona Norte (the red-light district), Agua Caliente, and other adjacent neighborhoods ("zonas").[1] This is the historical midpoint of Tijuana; City Hall is located here as well as most of the tourist areas such as Avenida Revolución, and the business districts. The Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT for CEntro CUltural de Tijuana) and the Plaza Río Tijuana, until recently the largest mall in the state, are both located here in the Zona Río.