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Bishop of Leicester
Appointedbetween December 840 and 844
Term endedbetween 869 and 888
SuccessorHarlardus (Bishop of Dorchester)
Consecrationbetween December 840 and 844
Personal details
Diedbetween 869 and 888

Ceobred (or Ceolred) was a medieval Bishop of Leicester.

Ceobred was consecrated between December 840 and 844. He died between 869 and 888.[1] In 844, he gave land at Pangbourne on the Thames River to Berhtwulf, king of Mercia, in return for a grant of liberties for some monasteries.[2]


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Christian titles
Preceded by
Ealdred of Leicester
Bishop of Leicester
c. 842–c. 878
Succeeded by
as Bishop of Dorchester