Chōfu Station (Tokyo)

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Chōfu Station
Central ticket gate, September 2012
Location Chōfu, Tokyo
Operated by Keio Corporation
Other information
Station code KO18
Opened 1913
The new entrance to the underground tracks, 2014
Chōfu Station in 2007 (north side, before the open of the underground tracks)

Chōfu Station (調布駅 Chōfu-eki?) is a Keio Corporation station located in Chōfu, Tokyo, Japan.


This station is served by the Keiō Line and Keiō Sagamihara Line as the junction of the two lines.

Station layout[edit]

This station has two underground island platforms in the second basement (Tracks 1 and 2) and the third basement (Tracks 3 and 4). Ticket windows and gates are in the first basement.[1]

1, 2  Keio Sagamihara Line Hashimoto
 Keiō Line Keiō Hachiōji, Takaosanguchi, Tama-Dōbutsu-kōen
3, 4  Keiō Line Meidaimae, Sasazuka, Shinjuku, the Toei Shinjuku Line
(including trains from the Sagamihara Line for Shinjuku and the Toei Shinjuku Line)


The station opened on April 15, 1913 when Keiō Electric Tramway opened its first section between Sasazuka and Chōfu.[2]

Recent development[edit]

Until 2012, Chofu Station was on the ground level and had busy grade crossings at either end for road traffic, while trains arriving from the Keio Sagamihara Line blocked both lines of the Keio Line as they enter the station. Keio Corporation resolved both these issues by grade separation of railway lines around the station area. Underground tracks opened on August 19, 2012.[3]

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Keiō Line
Fuda   Local   Nishi-Chōfu
Tsutsujigaoka   Rapid   Nishi-Chōfu
Tsutsujigaoka   Semi Express   Higashi-Fuchū
Tsutsujigaoka   Express   Higashi-Fuchū
Chitose-karasuyama   Semi Special Exp.   Fuchū
Meidaimae   Special Exp.   Fuchū
Keiō Sagamihara Line
Through service
to Keiō Line
  Local   Keiō Tamagawa
Through service
to Keiō Line
  Rapid   Keiō Tamagawa
Through service
to Keiō Line
  Semi Express   Keiō Tamagawa
Through service
to Keiō Line
  Express   Keio Inadazutsumi
Through service
to Keiō Line
  Semi Special Exp.   Keio Inadazutsumi
Through service
to Keiō Line
  Special Exp.   Keio Inadazutsumi


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Coordinates: 35°39′08″N 139°32′39″E / 35.6521659°N 139.5440376°E / 35.6521659; 139.5440376