Challenges (magazine)

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Categories Business magazine
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 232,430 (2011-2012)
Publisher Regie OBS
Year founded 1982; 36 years ago (1982)
Company Le Nouvel Observateur Group
Country France
Based in Paris
Language French
Website Challenges

Challenges is a French language weekly business magazine headquartered in Paris, France.[1] Its motto is Que dit l'économie cette semaine? (What does the economy say this week? in English).[2]

History and profile[edit]

Challenges was established in 1982.[3] The magazine offers articles on economy and business-related events and on politics and world affairs.[3][4] It is published weekly on Thursdays.[2][5][6] Previously it was published monthly[7] and then biweekly.[1]

Le Nouvel Observateur Group is the owner and publisher of Challenges.[3][8] The company also owns Le Nouvel Observateur.[3] Its former publisher was Croque Futur.[7] The magazine is published by Regie OBS.[6]

Challenges was named as the Business Magazine of the Year in France in 2010.[5]


In 2001 Challenges had a circulation of 264,000 copies.[7] The circulation of the magazine was 260,020 copies in 2008.[4] It fell to 250,065 copies in 2009[3] and 232,000 copies in 2010.[9] During the period of 2011-2012 its circulation was 232,430 copies.[6]


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