What the Swedish Butler Saw

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What the Swedish Butler Saw
Directed by Vernon P. Becker
Produced by Inge Ivarson
Written by Vernon P. Becker
Barry E. Downes
Based on The Way of a Man with a Maid
by Anonymous
Starring Ole Søltoft
Sue Longhurst
Charlie Elvegård
Diana Dors
Cinematography Tony Forsberg
Edited by Ingemar Ejve
Film AB Robur
Unicorn Enterprises
Distributed by Independent International Pictures
Release date
  • February 17, 1975 (1975-02-17) (Sweden)
Running time
73 minutes[1]
Country Sweden
United States
Language English

What the Swedish Butler Saw is a 1975 Swedish-American erotic sex comedy film directed by Vernon P. Becker and starring Ole Søltoft, Sue Longhurst, Charlie Elvegård and Diana Dors. It is known by several alternative titles including A Man with a Maid, The Groove Room and Champagnegalopp.[2] The film is loosely based on the 1908 erotic novel The Way of a Man with a Maid.

During the 3-D revival of the 1980s, the film was re-released under the title "Tickled Pink", but the release did keep the "Swedish Butler" credit sequence intact.

The film was shot in Stereoscopic 3-D at studios in Stockholm with exteriors in Denmark.


Set in Victorian London, a young aristocrat, Jack Armstrong, is desperate to win the love of his beloved, the greedy Lady Alice Faversham.[3][4] Jack buys an insane asylum to turn into a "love nest", unaware that Jack the Ripper still lives there.


  • Ole Søltoft as Jack Armstrong
  • Sue Longhurst as Alice Faversham
  • Charlie Elvegård as Samson
  • Malou Cartwright as Penny
  • Martin Young as Jack the Ripper
  • Steven Lund as young Jack
  • Diana Dors as Madame Helena
  • Joe Grey as Judge Pettibone
  • Larry Leonard as Mr. Pendleton
  • Peter Rose as Reverend Faversham
  • Julie Bernby as Mrs. Faversham
  • Barbara Hart as Mrs. Armstrong
  • Gil Holmes as Mr. Armstrong
  • Tina Monell as Marion Faversham

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