Changing Faces – The Very Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme

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Changing Faces - The Very Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme
Greatest hits album by
ReleasedAugust 1987
Producer10cc, Trevor Horn
10cc chronology
Windows in the Jungle
Changing Faces - The Very Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme
Singles from Changing Faces
  1. "Snack Attack (Remix)" b/w "Wet Rubber Soup (Edit)"
    Released: June 1987
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]

Changing Faces – The Very Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme was the first compilation that included all the hits from 10cc and Godley & Creme. The album featured sixteen tracks including a remixed version of "Snack Attack" by Godley & Creme, that originally featured on their 1981 album Ismism. The track was also issued as a single with an edit of "Wet Rubber Soup" from The History Mix Volume 1 on the B-side. The single failed to chart. The album was very successful in the UK reaching No.4 and achieving platinum status - selling over 300,000 copies, and was the catalyst to Polydor conducting market research to see if the public would welcome a new album from the band. The results were ...Meanwhile

The Cover[edit]

The cover featured a composite of all the band's faces placed on top of each other - a reference to the famous morphing video for Godley & Creme's "Cry" single from 1985.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 10cc "Dreadlock Holiday" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1978
  2. 10cc "The Wall Street Shuffle" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1974
  3. Godley & Creme "Under Your Thumb" (Godley, Creme) 1981
  4. 10cc "Life is a Minestrone" (Creme, Stewart) 1975
  5. Godley & Creme "An Englishman in New York" (Godley, Creme) 1979
  6. 10cc "Art For Art's Sake" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1975
  7. 10cc "Donna" (Godley, Creme) 1972
  8. Godley & Creme "Snack Attack (Remix)" 1987 (Original Version 1981)
  9. Godley & Creme "Cry" (Godley, Creme) 1985
  10. 10cc "The Things We Do for Love" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1976
  11. Godley & Creme "Wedding Bells" (Godley, Creme) 1981
  12. 10cc "I'm Mandy, Fly Me" (Stewart, Gouldman, Godley) 1976
  13. 10cc "Good Morning Judge" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1977
  14. 10cc "Rubber Bullets" (Godley, Creme) 1973
  15. Godley & Creme "Save a Mountain for Me" (Godley, Creme) 1982
  16. 10cc "I'm Not in Love" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1975

The Video[edit]

Following on from the success of the album, a compilation of videos was assembled and released in 1988. Because many of the early singles didn't have promo films available, the track listing differed from the album.

  1. 10cc "Dreadlock Holiday" (Promo)
  2. 10cc "The Wall Street Shuffle" (Live)
  3. Godley & Creme "An Englishman in New York" (Promo)
  4. Godley & Creme "Wedding Bells" (Promo)
  5. 10cc "The Things We Do For Love" (Promo)
  6. 10cc "Good Morning Judge" (Promo)
  7. Godley & Creme "Golden Boy" (Promo)
  8. 10cc "I'm Mandy, Fly Me" (Promo)
  9. 10cc "Feel The Love" (Promo)
  10. 10cc "I'm Not in Love" (Live)
  11. Godley & Creme – History Mix – featuring "Cry" (Various clips of the promos directed by and featuring them and 10cc)

The video has since been repackaged as the companion to the "Greatest Hits ... And More" compilation from 2006, available as a DVD.

Other Info[edit]

  • The album was TV-advertised.
  • Several months after its release Godley & Creme released their seventh and final studio album "Goodbye Blue Sky" which failed to chart.
  • Following on from the success of the album much of the 10cc back catalogue was issued on cd, except "Ten Out of 10", which had been available for several years already.
  • Phonogram Marketing released another album with slightly different content named "The Very Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme TV-CD" with EAN 42284540728 in 1991