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Charlotte Wessels
Wessels performing at Summer Breeze Festival 2017.
Wessels performing at Summer Breeze Festival 2017.
Background information
Birth nameJohanna Charlotte Wessels
Born (1987-05-13) 13 May 1987 (age 33)
OriginZwolle, Netherlands
GenresGothic metal, jazz, symphonic metal
InstrumentsVocals, clarinet
Years active2004 – present
Associated actsDelain, To Elysium, Infernorama, Knight Area, Nemesea, Serenity, Marco Hietala, Sharon den Adel, Kamelot, Phantasma

Johanna Charlotte Wessels (born 13 May 1987) is a Dutch singer-songwriter who was born in Zwolle, Netherlands. She is best known as the lead vocalist for the Dutch symphonic metal band Delain. She is also in the symphonic rock group Phantasma.


Wessels has been trained in both jazz singing and classical singing. She was first trained in jazz, but later her instructor suggested classical singing to her. However, Wessels has stated that she found classical training to be very restrictive, and so she likes to do something "in between the classical and the jazz stuff, and if you look at classical music with high vocal lines, then you kind of get to gothic very soon!"[1]


To Elysium[edit]

She joined a gothic metal band named To Elysium around the age of fifteen or sixteen. She mentions in an interview that her parents had to sign a contract because she was still underage.[2]

2004-Present: Delain[edit]

Wessels with Delain (2016)
Wessels with Delain (2016)

Wessels became involved with Delain in 2004 when she met Martijn Westerholt formerly of Within Temptation. Since the band was meant to be a studio project only, Westerholt asked if she could write some lyrics and vocalize which she thought it was going to be a one time thing. In 2005 they signed a deal with Roadrunner Records.[2][3] She is the lead vocalist and primary lyricist of the band.[3]


Wessels, along with Georg Neuhauser from Serenity and Oliver Philipps from Everon, formed a symphonic rock group named Phantasma. They were signed to Napalm Records and released a concept album titled The Deviant Hearts. Wessels not only sings on the album, but also wrote her debut novella called The Deviant Hearts especially for it. The novella is included with the album's physical release.[4]


Wessels performing at the 2010 Wacken Open Air

When asked in 2014 who her influences are, Wessels said

My parents had quite good taste in music so I had some of the classic rock influences; Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, and Kate Bush. My brother really got me into metal, those were really the high days of Metallica. Actually, Toxicity (2001) by System of a Down is still one of my favorite records ever. Right now, I am really into the alternative rock scene, Radiohead is my favorite band ever. I adore Muse and Nick Cave. Then there is the corner of the great female songwriters like Tori Amos, Björk. That pretty much covers it. I can go on for hours but I think these are the few directions which have influenced me most.[2]

When asked in a Loudwire interview who she gets inspired by vocally she mentions Australian singer Sia Furler, she admires Sia's voice and also her song-writing.[2][5]

On 15 January 2018, Charlotte Wessels said on her Instagram that Dolores O'Riordan's voice was one of her main inspirations to start singing.[6]

Personal life[edit]

She is a cousin of Dutch hardcore DJ DaY-már.[citation needed] Wessels has an art history degree and also has a master's degree in gender studies.[7] She is a vegetarian.[8] She considers herself a feminist[9] and she doesn't like the female-fronted metal term: "It’s just really weird that the gender of one person in the band defines what kind of music you make! I think that it’s one of the things that really indicates that the bias is still there."[10]

In September 2017, Charlotte revealed that she married her partner of twelve years.[11]




Live Albums



  • The Deviant Hearts (2015)

Guest appearances

  • "Embrace the Night" - DaY-már (2006)
  • "Serenade of Flames" - Serenity (2010)
  • "Please Come Home" - Knight Area (2011)
  • "High Enough" - Nemesea (2011)
  • "Under Grey Skies" - Kamelot (2015)
  • "Beautiful Apocalypse" - Kamelot (2015)
  • "Aquarium" - Dark Sarah (2016)



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