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Chiastic Slide
Studio album by Autechre
Released 24 February 1997[1]
Genre IDM, ambient techno
Length 69:53
Label Warp Records
Producer Autechre
Autechre chronology
Chiastic Slide

Chiastic Slide is the fourth studio album by the British electronic music group Autechre, released 24 February 1997 by Warp Records. Though not initially met with the same critical acclaim as Tri Repetae or LP5, Chiastic Slide was eventually recognized by critics as an innovative and "enormously influential" album.[2]


Chiastic Slide was released on 24 February 1997.[1] It did not receive a release in the United States until Warp Records began distributing its own releases there in 2001. Autechre referenced the fourth track, "Cichli", in the name of their subsequent EP Cichlisuite (1997). The sleeve was designed by Sheffield-based design agency The Designers Republic.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars [1]
The Milk Factory5/5 stars [3]

Allmusic critic John Bush panned Chiastic Slide as being an underwhelming follow-up to 1995's Tri Repetae, saying it was too repetitive and lacked ideas.[1] Tim Barr in Techno: the Rough Guide called Chiastic Slide "The aural equivalent of being at the bottom of the sea."[4] He went on to say the album was "Dark, claustrophobic... yet full of strange beauty".[4]

A 2017 FACT Magazine retrospective described Chiastic Slide as "an enduring classic" that marks "the axis point around which all of Autechre’s work revolves," representing a "break from contemporaneous orthodoxy" in electronic music and sound composition.[2]

Track listing[edit]

2."Rettic AC"2:08
Total length:69:53

Misc Info[edit]

The song "Tewe" was featured as the opening song for Adio's One Step Beyond skate video, released in 2002.

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