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Children on the Edge is a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to working on behalf of marginalized and vulnerable children who are often victims of war. The organisation is based in Chichester and was founded by the owner of The Body Shop, Dame Anita Roddick, (DBE) in 1990 following her visit to several Romanian orphanages.[1]

Prior to joining the E. U., the closing of Romania's state institutions forced many abandoned children to return to violent family homes or to live on the streets. Roddick's organisation helped to shelter them by setting up three orphanages. The charity encouraged young British people to voluntarily work for a period in orphanages abroad. Once children are released from the orphanage, the organisation tries to find placements for them.[2]

Children on the Edge started off in Romanian orphanages,[3] but has since expanded to cover many other countries throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, including Bangladesh, Burma, India, Thailand, and Uganda. The organization now focuses on children in post-conflict situations, providing for basic needs as well as education. Children on the Edge has also helped to organise an art show to benefit Burmese refugees.[4]


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