Chilean national consultation, 1978

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Ballot used in the consultation.

A national consultation on President Augusto Pinochet's political program was held in Chile on 4 January 1978. After being accused of human rights violations by the United Nations, Pinochet announced a national vote to confirm support for his policies. The 'Yes' field of the ballot featured a Chilean flag, while the 'No' field featured a solid black rectangle.[1]


Referendum Question:

"Given the international aggression against the government of our country, I support President Pinochet in his defense of the dignity of Chile, and I confirm again the legitimacy of the Government of the Republic in its sovereign head of the institutionalization process in the country."

"Frente a la agresión internacional desatada en contra de nuestra Patria, respaldo al Presidente Pinochet en su defensa de la dignidad de Chile, y reafirmo la legitimidad del Gobierno de la República para encabezar soberanamente el proceso de institucionalidad del país."

Option Votes  % Result
Yes 4,012,023 78.60 Proposal passed
No 1,092,226 21.40
Valid votes 5,104,249 100.00
Invalid votes 244,923
Total votes 5,349,172