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This article is about the chess player. For other people named Chris Ward, see Chris Ward (disambiguation).

Chris G Ward (26 March 1968) is a British chess Grandmaster (GM), chess coach, and author. He won the British Championship in 1996, earning the GM title in the process. He is the author of two well-received books on a variation of the Sicilian Defence known as the Dragon Variation, in addition to a number of other books on chess. He is also the author of the book Starting Out: Rook Endings, published by Everyman Chess (see Chess endgame literature). He also authored the "It's your move" series, the most challenging being the third book called "It's your move: Tough Puzzles", which was published by Everyman Chess. Chris Ward teaches chess to many different schools.

Outside chess, Chris Ward is also a keen Salsa dancer.[1]


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