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Circalit is an online community for writers, screenwriters, agents and producers. It mediates between industry professionals and individuals, and also provides a forum for writers to discuss each other's work. It was "[l]abeled as the first ever social networking site for screenwriters"[1] by Movie Maker website, and dubbed the 'Facebook for screenwriters'.[2] Recently, Circalit has partnered[clarification needed] the website with The Script Factory, which has links to both Disney and Sony Pictures.[3]


Circalit was founded by a group of University College London students in February 2010.[4] The CEO came up with the idea while working in a film production studio, noticing scripts he enjoyed that were ignored.[5] In 2011 the company won the UCL Bright Ideas award.[6]


Circalit holds competitions, many of which take place in conjunction with publishing companies, literary agents or film producers. Finished competitions have included both a Crime Fiction[7] and a Short Story category done with Ether Books.[8] Additionally the independent publishing company Little Episodes and Circalit jointly crowdsourced a short story on the subject of 'Broken Identities'.[9] The publisher A. P. Watt linked up with the social networking site and its agents have attempted to read as many scripts as possible, with one manuscript winning a personal review by the publishers themselves.[10] Alex Merkin hosted a screenplay competition with Circalit in which he reviewed the winning script.[11]


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